Cellulaze - Cellulite Laser Workstation

Representing a true breakthrough in cellulite treatment, Cellulaze targets cellulite at its source. By targeting the underlying structural tissue, topicals and non-invasive treatments are no match for the laser precision and long-lasting outcomes of Cellulaze.

Unlike any cellulite treatment on the market

Cellulaze is unlike any cellulite treatment on the market today. From its unique SideLaze3D™ side-firing fibre to its ThermaGuide™ thermal-sensing cannula, Cellulaze delivers the laser precision you need.

Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser treatment with clinical data that shows lasting results up to three years after a single treatment.1

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Is the Cellulaze result permanent?

No. We have shown the treatment is longer lasting, documented out to 12 months or more, with some patients out to 2 years.

What are the potential side effects/risks of the Cellulaze treatment?

Side effects can include (but are not limited to) seroma, skin burns, skin contour irregularities, swelling and bruising. Studies have shown side effects are minimal and resolved quickly. Side effects can be minimized by use of intelligent delivery systems Smartsense and ThermaGuide and also by following Cynosure’s procedural guidelines precisely.

How many treatments are required for Cellulaze?

One treatment is required

What wavelengths are we using for this?

1440nm Nd:YAG

How much power is used?

8-10W of 1440nm

How long is the patient downtime after a Cellulaze treatment?

1-2 days, similar to Smartlipo. Downtime may vary from patient to patient and depends on the size of the area treated. Cellulaze downtime would be less than someone who had 2 areas treated with Smartlipo.

How long does the Cellulaze procedure take?

The procedure takes 1 hour to treat both legs (from the time the patient is on the table to the time the patient leaves the treatment room)

Can we use Cellulaze for any part of the body that has Cellulite?

This is possible, although our studies include only lateral and medial thighs at this point.

Will combining Cellulaze with a non-invasive modality (example: SculpSure) help with results?

Yes, a few of our luminaries have added this to their treatment protocols and feel it helps with the results and healing process. We have not studied this combination treatment yet.

What is the clinical end point when doing a Cellulaze procedure? Temp? Energy? Resistance?

Joules is the most important endpoint, although temperature and resistance are all important as well. Joules: max 1000J per 5x5cm square, ThermaGuide temp: 42-47C, lack of resistance.

Clinical Data

Cellulaze is supported by extensive clinical data, ranging from white papers to three-year clinical studies published in respected journals. The appeal of Cellulaze is not simply the excellent clinical results, but also the numerous peer-reviewed papers and podium presentations on this innovative technology. Below is a list of some of the leading published studies on Cellulaze and the effects of the 1440 nm wavelength.

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