Skintel Melanin Reader

The Skintel® Melanin Reader, the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, offers aesthetic practitioners a quantitative method of measuring melanin content for better treatment guidance and an added element of confidence.

The Skintel Melanin Reader quantitatively determines the average melanin density of skin prior to an energy-based aesthetic treatment. Understanding how much melanin is in the skin helps you to best choose the treatment settings on our systems for enhanced outcomes, while minimising the risk of over-treatment.

For use with the Icon™ aesthetic system and the Vectus™ laser,  the Skintel reader provides suggested test spot settings based on the individual’s Melanin Index value.

Until now, aesthetic treatment providers have primarily relied on fairly subjective tools to determine a client’s skin type, including the traditional Fitzpatrick Skin Type evaluation, observations of the client’s skin, and the client’s account of recent sun exposure.

How the Skintel Melanin Reader works

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Clinical Data

The Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ is the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, offering a quantitative method of measuring melanin content.

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