TempSure™ Vitalia

The only true temperature-controlled radiofrequency probe for women’s wellness. The TempSure Vitalia probe is specifically designed for your patient’s smaller, hard to reach areas. Now you can provide your patients with easy treatments to maintain their wellness without hormones, invasive procedures or downtime.

Safe, consistent and reliable RF treatments in any practitioner’s hands

  • Revolutionary time & temperature monitoring
    • The treatment timer will only activate when the target tissue is at a therapeutic temperature, delivering repeatable results every time
  • Dual temperature sensing
    • Built-in temperature sensing for ease of use
    • Two thermistors coupled with impedance monitoring to prevent arching

TempSure Vitalia delivers precise heating for smaller, hard-to-reach areas to temporarily increase local circulation, decrease pain and muscle spasms.

  • It’s gentle
    • The treatment is well tolerated
    • It’s non-invasive, non-ablative and does not require anaesthesia
  • It’s convenient
    • Most patients resume their routines immediately after the treatment

TempSure is a 300 watt, 4MHz expandable RF platform for aesthetic procedures. Applications include, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening through soft tissue coagulation*, cellulite reduction and women’s wellness.

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