The Vectus® laser is a dedicated, reliable, and powerful solution for high-volume hair removal. It allows aesthetic practitioners to treat the large and growing population of people seeking a fast, permanent way to remove unwanted hair.

Unprecedented innovation in laser technology

The Vectus laser is the intelligent choice for the fastest laser hair removal. With the proven reliability and low ownership cost of diode technology, the Vectus laser provides high-volume permanent hair reduction for a wide range of skin and hair types, without sacrificing client comfort.

Featuring the largest spot size and most uniform beam profile available today, the Vectus laser allows providers to treat unwanted hair – even in the largest areas such as the back – in less than five minutes.

At Cynosure, our technology has led the field of permanent hair reduction. Since receiving the first FDA clearance for laser hair removal in 1997, Cynosure has developed the best-selling hair removal laser and is now advancing the science of hair removal technology with next-generation technology.

Advanced features

Sapphire treatment tips with Advanced Contact CoolingTM help to protect the epidermis and keep clients comfortable throughout treatment, while Photon RecyclingTM and the uniform beam profile allow for thorough coagulation of hair follicles, reducing the need for multiple, overlapping passes.

The Vectus laser features the integrated Skintel™ Melanin Reader™, the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, helping providers to offer optimised hair removal treatments tailored to each client’s skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity.

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Clinical Data

As a recognized industry leader, our technology — including Vectus technology — is strongly supported by clinical research.

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