ZWave Pro

The ZWave Pro is a FDA cleared and TGA listed radial pulse technology that delivers acoustic shockwaves to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The ultimate shockwave therapy

The ZWave Pro is a FDA cleared and TGA listed radial pulse technology that delivers acoustic shockwaves to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Z Wave Pro can also be used as a pre and/or post body contouring protocol for improved clearance of destroyed fat cells, increasing lymphatic drainage to deliver optimal results.

  • 30 Minute Treatments
  • Non-invasive
  • No patient downtime
  • Comfortable application

The Z Wave Pro constitutes the latest development in the  treatment of cellulite. Using soft pulse technology to enhance patient comfort. Mild, consistent sound wave therapy is delivered to the treatment area over a series of treatment sessions to improve skin structure and connective tissue. Typical patient treatment time is 3-4 minutes per body zone. Patients may notice results after only 2-3 sessions.

The perfect combination

The Z Wave Pro can be used in combination with a variety of non-invasive body contouring  procedures – such as SculpSure, cryolipolysis, RF or ultrasound, to deliver even better results.

Utilising the Z Wave Pro pre and/or post any of the above-mentioned body contouring procedures will help to decrease any mild swelling or tenderness post treatment. The mechanical massage effect aids in improvement of lymphatic drainage, decrease in fat cell oedema, increase of leakage of membrane contributing to the clearance of the damaged fat cell. Considerable improvement in skin tightening can also be seen – caused by collagen remodelling and increase in elastin fibre density. *One particular study shows that using the radial pulse wave treatment immediately after cryolipolysis and weekly for 3 more weeks results in twice the rate of fat absorption. This then allows for further body contouring treatments monthly (rather than at 6-12 weeks) delivering body contouring results in half the time.

Radial shockwave therapy has a positive result on:

  • Skin structure and the body’s connective tissue
  • Blood circulation and fat cell metabolism
  • Oedema reduction and toxin elimination
  • Mechanical lipolysis
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Improvement of scar tissue

Designed for success

  • Fast treatments
  • Versatile applicators
  • High ROI to increase your practice revenues faster
  • Easy to delegate procedure

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Breakthrough Treatment Combination

Developed by Dr. Hunt at the Vein & Cosmetic


Centre of Tampa Bay.

Cryolipolisis with weekly Acoustic Wave treatments results in faster fat absorption.

Jeffrey A. Hunt, D.O., R.V.S. Vein & Cosmetic Centre of Tampa Bay

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