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Georgina Neves
Make Up Artist/ Blogger

I have never felt so confident in my bare skin, all thanks to Bare Again Laser. Wearing so much makeup it is super important to look after your skin and treat it well. My treatment is done using the PicoSure laser, and it has helped to rejuvenate my skin completely! Also helps with anti-aging…

Dr Chris Koulos
Burnside Cosmetic & Skin Cancer Centre

We have seen results as early as 4 weeks with SculpSure. Non-invasive fat reduction with consistent smooth body contouring results. No downtime and only 25 minutes to treat. No wonder we have so many happy clients.

Dr Michael Zacharia
Plastic Surgeon

Introducing the SculpSure to our practice has allowed us to expand our services to treat all kinds of body shapes and sizes. We can now offer a non-surgical option for those patients who want to budge areas of fat without surgery, which means no patient is turned away. Our patients love that the treatment is quick, has no downtime and achieves great results.

Dr Saras Sundrum
Dr Saras & Co

SculpSure has been a great addition to our practice for many reasons. It requires no preparation or after care making it very convenient for patients and staff. The whole treatment only takes 25 minutes and is well tolerated by most patients. The applicators allow us to treat many body areas and body shapes.

Dr Eoin Mc Donnell
Core Medical

We have had great success with SculpSure. It comes down to being very explicit on expectations and making sure these expectations align with the patients’ goals and budget. The vast majority of the patients need at least 2 treatments to gain the desired result. It’s a fast and effective procedure, with minimal aftercare required – unlike other competitive devices in market.

Dr Philip Bekhor
Laser Dermatology

The FOCUS Lens Array offers a safe method of rejuvenation for all skin colours - fine lines and pigmentation respond to this "no down-time" treatment. Skin clarity and texture improves as clearly demonstrated in our standardized before and after photography.

Dr Peter K Horvath
The Cosmedic Room

Using the FOCUS Lens Array on PicoSure provides me with the advantage of being able to confidently and safely treat all skin types. I can reassure patients there won’t be any “downtime” and they can immediately carry on with their daily usual activities. The results with the FOCUS are obvious and patients are satisfied with the revitalisation of their skin.

The Cosmedic Room

Dr Eoin McDonnell
Core Medical

PicoSure is a fantastic laser that is safe to use on all skin types and provides great skin revitalisation results using the FOCUS Lens Array; improving fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and is one of the few treatments that works for Melasma. Downtime is a matter of hours only. Tattoo treatment is safe, quick and more effective than any other laser on the market.

Dr Davin Lim
Lasers and Lifts

The PicoSure 755nm wavelength with its fractional delivery system provides me with unprecedented ability to rejuvenate ethnic or darker skin type patients, with absolute safety and predictable results. I firmly believe there is no other laser or energy delivery device that provides such excellent results for skin rejuvenation in suitable skin types with virtually zero downtime.

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