body conturing australia

Body Contouring Non-Invasive 

For many people who struggle with the shape of their body and signs of ageing, SculpSure is a non-invasive solution.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal

We all have past experiences that we would like to erase, and for millions of Australians, this includes body ink

laser hair removal australia

Laser Hair Removal

For people who are tired of shaving, tweezing, and waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal has become the

cellulite treatment australia

Cellulite Treatment

The patient population for cellulite is estimated to include 85% or more of all women. This market potential is magnified


Body Contouring Minimally Invasive 

Today’s body contouring procedures can treat both large and small problem areas with little to no downtime.

pigmentation treatment


Pigmentation affects many people given Australia’s outdoor culture.  Although, some types of pigmented lesions exist at birth, often times pigment

Skin Revitalisation Treatments

Skin Revitalisation

Laser skin revitalisation. The skin revitalisation market is growing every year. More people want an appearance that matches the way they


Skin Tightening & Toning

People seek treatment for vascular lesions or birthmarks for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Worldwide procedure volume for energy-based vascular

Surgical scars, acne scar treatment

Surgical & Acne Scars

The practical choice for removing scars With laser scar removal techniques, treating surgical and acne scars is easier than you


Vein Treatment (Leg & Facial)

Pellevé is not a laser. Pellevé uses radio frequency to deliver non-surgical skin tightening treatments and minor surgical procedures.

About Cynosure
Discover your version of beautiful.

Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of light-based aesthetic and medical systems. Our products provide a diverse range of treatment applications such as hair removal, skin revitalisation and scar reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular lesions and removal of tattoos. For physicians and aesthetic business owners, laser treatment offerings can extend your current service capabilities. Acquiring the requisite knowledge and training to provide laser treatments often requires easily obtained additions to your current skill set.


For Providers

With a Cynosure aesthetic laser, you get the very best in aesthetic lasers: scientifically proven, state-of-the-art technology that has been tailored to the treatment application required.


Cutting-Edge Technology

With a Cynosure aesthetic laser, you get the very best in aesthetic lasers—proven, cutting-edge technology and the right tool for the right job, always.